We constantly find ways to do things better

Hi there. We are Max and Dasha. We are the founders of product design team, Hintegrity.

We have built a strategic product team that demonstrates benefits of design and makes it one of the company’s or product strategy drivers.

Focus on design management helps to better communicate with the clients, tune digital products and services with their goals, build design processes and bring all company departments to one roundtable where they can discuss and reach an understanding of unified goals and ways to reach them.

Regardless of brand size or business areas this is applicable to all.

Companies come to us with doubts and questions but leave with new proven ideas, services launched and an understanding of how and where the company is progressing on all levels.


To grow design-culture in organizations of various types and levels. To allow companies all around the world to be the sources of innovation by being design oriented. To allow companies to fully use their design potential.

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